Invasive plants I.

(Heracleum mantegazzianum, Impatiens glandufera)
Silkscreen and acryl on canvas, 65 x 60 cm.
Inspiration comes from the exhibition in Bjibels museum called Belief in nature, Flowers with message, that focused on still lifes with flowers, all dating from the Dutch Golden Age. ,,And they are more than decoration; many contain symbolic references to the Bible.,,

As the title says invasive plants are plants which are not growing in their original habitat. They reproduce and grow very fast, as a result they push out other plants from their natural habitat, causing lots of agricultural and other damages ( Heracleum mantegazzianum can even cause skin damage). Interesting in these plants is that they simply grow wherever they want, although we might try to change it, they just find their way how to grow again. So that the symbolic reference in their case goes to maybe less noble but still powerfull, natural force

Silkscreen, 2012